Don’t Put It On Ebay, Put It In Self-Storage

During a major life change or while moving to new locations, the issue of what do with all those belongings inevitably comes up. All homes run out of space for stacking boxes, and some awkwardly sized items never quite fit in. While garage sales, trashing the items, or putting them up on eBay are viable options, self-storage centres are a practical way to free up space at home.

Self-Storage Roots

Self-storage dates back to ancient China, where evidence suggests that publicly available storage space existed centuries ago. Modern self-storage did not begin appearing until the late 1950s. By the late 1960s, chains of self-storage facilities began opening in the southern United States. Today, just under 2,400 self-storage facilities exist across Europe. Approximately 1,000 of them exist in the United Kingdom alone.

Self-service storage, or self-storage, consists of storage space units rented to individuals or businesses for short periods of time. These units can take the form of lockers, outdoor space, rooms, or containers to house items of the individual’s or company’s choosing. Some storage services in Rochester provide boxes, locks, and packaging materials to prepare items for going into storage.

But Why Self-Storage?

Self-storage experts specify that death, divorce, downsizing, and dislocation are the main reasons why customers seek out their services. Some clients choose self-storage to keep items safe while going abroad or for removing bulky items from homes, freeing up valuable space inside. Businesses can use self-storage for archival materials and records retention, likewise allowing for more room inside the building. Sales representatives can keep samples, spares, tools, and other equipment in storage for business needs.

Individual self-storage facilities offer specialised units, allowing for caravans or classic cars to be stored safely. Security varies by location, but most storage facilities only produce on key per unit, and that key goes with the person renting the space. This fact has led to units belonging to non-paying tenants being auctioned off in the United States on television programmes such as Storage Wars or Auction Hunters. Whether in the middle of a family member’s death, divorce, downsizing, or dislocation, self-storage units are a practical means for storing belongings.

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