10 Things To Remember When Moving House

Moving house can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. At first, you feel the outburst of excitement about moving to another home or state or neighborhood. Too much excitement can cause you to leave some essential things undone. In the same way, too much thinking and stressing over moving can equally cause you to forget a lot of some details when you are moving.

We know how the moving experience can be, and we have gathered some useful tips on ten things you should keep at the back of your mind when moving house. Bearing these things in mind will help make for a better move. Now, let us begin with some of the tips, shall we?


Moving house is a great way to help yourself get rid of loads of junk you have piled up in your home. You will find out that over the months or years, you have stored a lot of items that you necessarily don’t need and also don’t have time to sort out. Startup by taking an inventory of everything you have in your house. 

It would be best for you to section them into three parts. One part should be items you still use and want to keep. Another should be items you want to throw away, and finally, you should have items you want to give out or put up for a yard sale. Once this is done, you would have achieved two things; one is more storage in your current home and lesser items to take to your new home.

Inform friends and families about your move

Well, your friends and families, and sometimes neighbors are the closest pals you have. Treat them with honor by telling them about your plans to move and the day you plan on moving. You can never tell what you would get from simply telling them. You can get help from them on the moving day or even financial support.

Redirect your mail

Often, many people forget this simple but important step. It is important for you to redirect your mail before and after you move. A few weeks before you move should not hurt because you can end up forgetting if you do not do it on time.

Clean Before Moving in. 

One of the worst things you can do when moving house is to schedule your cleaning for the same day you’re moving.  If your new home has just undergone reconstruction, you’ll need to get rid of the debris and dirt. All of that cleaning in addition to moving can be a bit too much for one day. 

Check for insurance 

Not everything can be predicted, and as such, a solid insurance policy comes in very handy. You can never tell what mishap is just around the corner. There could be an environmental hazard/natural disaster, fire outbreak, and any other form. So insurance helps create a backup when you need it the most.

Adjust your TV license

We all love to watch TV, but sometimes we could be clouded with the entire moving procedure that we would forget the little detail of adjusting out TV license to have the new location. If you want to continue enjoying all of your favorite programs, then you should update your TV license to the new date. Inform your provider and inform them about your move date and you should be fine.

Get your parking permit ready

Getting a permit should be a prerequisite for those who are moving to an area where only residents are allowed to park. You should make it a smart option to have the permit ready before the actual move day so you can save yourself some embarrassments and stress.

Prepare a pack for the first day

This has got to be the most underrated yet very important procedure in the entire moving process. The first day after moving is always the most confusing, and you don’t want to remain in that confusion, searching for your things for hours. 

Although this is not an exhaustive list,  it features some of the most vital things people tend to omit when moving house. Pay attention to the list by going over it and use it as a guide to add other tips to help ensure a better and smooth move.