Add A Natural Look To Your Interiors And Comfort To Your Life With Seagrass Rugs

Nowadays, lots of Australian are getting inspiration from nature to decorate their homes and offices. Natural products used as decorating accessories in any interior space surely provide an aesthetic feel of nature. One of the necessary accessories required in any house or office is carpet or a rug which helps in covering the fault lines on the floors as well as beautifying the interiors. Different colors and patterns done on the rugs and the carpets capture the eyes of everyone, but the exorbitant prices of those made from animal fiber will send shivers down your spine.  It’s why most people don’t buy carpets made from sheep’s wool or goat’s hair. In recent years, some of the carpet manufacturers have chosen plant fibers like sisal, jute or seagrass to weave carpets or rugs. The rugs woven from the plant fibers provide the same comfort level like woolen rugs or carpets.

Weaving natural rugs from the plant fibers is maximizing the plantations of different crops. One of them is seagrass which grows naturally on the sea beds and can also is cultivated on the salty wetlands. These flowering plants are used for drying and further processing for making fibers. While weaving the carpets from the sea grass, its natural color is maintained. Dyes are not added as the natural brown color stuns everyone and is a perfect match with the other woody colored furniture at your home or office. Installing Floorspace seagrass rugs in your home or at your office will add value to your lifestyle. Their high quality seagrass rugs will provide a feeling of comfort.  A year of guarantee is fully approved for these rugs and they provide support during installation without charging anything extra. Interested buyers can choose their segrass rugs on the Floorspace website or you can personally visit their store. The customer service department provides support and a quick reply to all queries.

A number of features that makes seagrass rugs very unique among the other fibers. These features are highlighted as follows:

Seagrass Rugs

  1. Seagrass rugs are of an environment friendly type. After the disposal, the seagrass rugs can be recycled for further reuse.  Unlike the synthetic carpets, these rugs would not harm the environment if thye are burnt or buried in the ground.
  2. Buying seagrass rugs would be a good investment as these rugs provide a long term support without being affected by wear and tear of time. Moreover, the prices of the seagrass rugs are likely to please anyone.
  3. Seagrass rugs possess the quality of being good sound absorbers.  Installation in the hall areas would not let sound pollution happen.
  4. Seagrass rugs act as an insulator by not letting the extremes of weather affect the interiors of the residential and office.
  5. The seagrass rugs also have the characteristic of being  fire retardant.
  6. Installation of seagrass rugs would not let the hygienic conditions at your home or office to deteriorate. On the contrary, people can have adverse affects including skin infections or allergies if the use synthetic carpets.
  7. It has been also observed that synthetic or nylon carpets or rugs discharge static electricity and therefore are vulnerable to kids and senior citizens. However, seagrass rugs do not develop static electricity and therefore anyone can move barefooted on the surface.
  8. Contact with water or ultra violet rays of the sun will surely damage the texture of the seagrass rugs. The rugs will shrink and finally become unsuitable for further use.
  9. Seagrass rugs are actually dust resistant, therefore occasional  vacuuming is sufficient to keep the carpets or rugs clean. Under any circumstance, if any, food particles falls on the surface of the rug, then dry cleaning powder can be used to clean with the support of a bristle brush. For any kind of stain removing, club soda becomes the ideal option.

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