Three Uses For Frameless Glass Partitions

A frameless glass partition is a type of divider which is used to separate one area from another. They have several benefits, including the fact that they allow people to see through the divider into the other room or outdoor space. Frameless glass partitions do not have rims or bulky edges, so they look sleek and modern and they will make often a great addition to any indoor space. This article explains several places in which you could use frameless glass partitions for interior decor.

Around a Swimming pool

It often a nice idea to section off your swimming pool with a glass partition. This partition will prevent wild animals, pets and children from entering the area. The glass can be reinforced to ensure that it is strong and durable. You can also select different heights of glass so that you can choose something that complements your garden.

In the Home


Glass partitions can be used within the home to separate one area from another. It is a good way to break up large rooms or to create separate areas such as home studies or libraries within a room. The glass can even be printed with a special frosting or design if you want it to look unique.

In Offices


Glass partitions are commonly used in offices to separate different working areas. They are often used in boardrooms or meeting areas, so that employees outside can clearly see what is going on in the room so that they donⴠdisturb a meeting. Glass partitions are also said to improve the productivity of a worker, as other employees and managers are clearly able to see what they are up to at all times. You can also get frosted glass partitions if you would like to section off a private area in the office. There is a large range of frameless glass partitions available on the market, including curved paneling, etched paneling and frosted paneling. A specialist will be able to come to a view the space that you want to place the partition in and let you know what your options are.

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