Tips For Choosing The Right Shower For Your Bathroom

If you have plenty of time a bath is always nice, but most of us lead busy lives. For most people taking a bath in the morning is just not an option, they do not have time and prefer a shower on weekdays and a bath at the weekend or in the evening. For this reason, sales of showers have soared over the past two decades, today most homes have one, and there is a great choice. Big firms like Better Bathrooms, sell over a hundred different kinds of showers, as well as a huge range of shower enclosures and accessories. Having a choice is great, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few tips to help you to narrow down the options.


How much space you have in your bathroom to some extent dictates the kind of shower you can have installed, so that is your first consideration.


The next consideration is aesthetics or how the shower will look. You need to choose a style that you like and that fits in with your existing bathroom. Again, browsing through the betterbathrooms website can be really helpful, because there you can see practically every style of shower that is currently available.

Practical considerations

You need to choose a shower that everyone can use. This means checking that the height adjustment is sufficient to allow your kids to take a shower unsupervised.

Water pressure and tank position

How good the water pressure is in your home also has an impact on the kind of shower you can buy. Some homes have a shower pump fitted because they do not have good water pressure, but not all showers will work with this type of pump. If you want a power shower the position of your water tank will affect which kind you can have

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