Three Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Without Tile Removal

bathroom renovation

Modernize your home without tile removal bathroom renovation ideas that are simple to implement. Adhesive-in enclosures, furniture with castors that can be positioned wherever you wish, bathroom accessories that do not require drilling, and covers that transform your bathroom toilet into a smart toilet are a few ideas for enhancing the bathroom area in your home. If you want to improve this vital area of your home without the hassle of a masonry renovation, consider combining the following three suggestions.

Install A Shower Curtain Without Using Any Screws

If you’re looking for shower enclosures that match your taste and don’t require drilling, Renox. provides a simple design and straightforward installation. It will be more comfortable and useful if you have the choice to adhere it to your bathroom wall. Accessible from the front or the side, sliding and permanent panels are available in a variety of sizes to meet your demands. Also, the integrated robe hook makes it simple to grab your towel.

 A shower enclosure is a wonderful choice if you want an opening and closing handle that is simple to operate. Depending on the orientation of the shower tray (front, side, or corner), you have the choice of installing sliding panels, fixed panels, or swing doors of various sizes and configurations using adhesives.

To Improve The Situation, New Toilet Seat Coverings Are Required

Due to practical installation methods, a seemingly insignificant item could be the deciding factor in your bathroom renovation. If you need an upgrade, select the unique antibacterial resin, which is available in a variety of toilet models and provides superior hygiene.

 If you want to advance your grooming routine, be sure to use water-based intimate hygiene products. With this revolutionary alternative, you can add an intelligent toilet to your bathroom without the need for construction. It only requires an electrical outlet and a standard water outlet, and it is compatible with a wide range of types. Controlling the water’s temperature and pressure, in addition to the perianal and anal drying capabilities, is possible via the unit’s easy side buttons or remote control.

Install Bathroom Faucets Without Any Mason Work

Bathroom basin-cleaning faucets matter. Choose current forms, brilliant colors, and your style. You may easily change your faucet to match your style. Select a side handle and coating color for streamlined lines. Titanium Black, brushed, or rose gold.

Non-touch solutions using motion sensors can activate water flow without touching the surface, improving security and cleanliness. Battery-powered home electronic faucets can be operated without an electricity outlet. The L20-E electronic faucet with sensors at the spout can be installed on your basin deck. A complicated curve or L70-E, with a larger body and right angles, can be customized.

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