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How to Design Your Own Home

You know how they say, home is where your heart is? Well, they say the same. These days many families prefer to design their own home, just to make sure that the house is unique and the perfect personification of their personalities. I agree, and have done the same. The beauty of designing your home is that you can just do the way you like it. No rules, no games, whatever you decide, looks great. Here are a few guidelines for home accessories that should help you sort out the photo of your home, for you, in your mind!

Home Design Tips

Step 1: Before you set put to look at catalogs and albums, sit (if you have a family, all of you will be together for this) and start listing things you want for the home. Remember, once you start looking at catalogs, you can forget the small details. So, if you always lampshades in the living room, and different colored walls wanted the house, make a list of. Once the list is created, you will be shown your home hesitant.

Step 2: Now that you have finished picturing how you want to design your house sitting with a pile of home decor catalogs. Take time at this level. Please note, movies and sitcoms also keep good ideas that you can take when designing the house. Get pictures of all the ideas that you like, and tally them with your lis

Step 3: Now that you have a clearer picture of what you want your house looks, research. The right kind of research is essential to get the right things. Check out different stores for home furnishings or curtains or carpet. Getting into rates, there is a chance you might not get exactly what you need, know how much you are willing to adapt, in that case. Like, you might want a black carpet, which may not be available, so you’ll have to settle for a gray or blue? Watch out for all options. Explore the flea market as well, the variety can be overwhelming, though.

Step 4: Once you have all of the rate quotes, you can limit your purchases. Make sure you have the measurements of the house for the furniture. Before the furniture, make sure the painting is completed. When it comes to painting, do not let the painters attack simultaneously throughout the house. This can get a little point, as you’ll see anywhere mess. Let them take a room at a time and finish before the next one. If you are doing the painting itself (which can be a big project), then it is best to have the same rule of thumb.

Step 5 Once the house is painted (and the paint has dried) you can start bringing in the furniture. This process is best done slowly. This is because to do in a hurry can lead to forgetfulness. More so, if you do it slowly, you give yourself room for more ideas. Let’s face it, more ideas are always welcome, right? In case you really heavy furniture or objects around the house move, make sure to have hired help for the same. In this way, one bit of the load can be shared. Women should ensure that they get help or get full knowledge of the work or for the same.

Step 6, Rome was not built in a day, right? Well, do you think you can understand how your home perfect look you in the first attempt itself? Well, the management of some lucky ducks do that very easily. However, people often need a buffer time to get.’s House in the perfect, most comfortable way Like, you have shown the bank in a particular place, but in two days, you may feel that it is better elsewhere. Give yourself that leaves room for doubt and improvement. Moreover, keep the interior designing relatively flexible, so you can make these changes. One of my friends has cane furniture and bean bags in the house. They are easy to move, and that’s exactly what she does.

Step 7 Many people think that the colors and their combination to be a certain way. If you are being influenced by people of that sort, tell them to shut it! Do you remember Monica Gellar’s (in the sitcom Friends) apartment? It’s eclectic. She is a neat freak perfectionist, and that’s exactly what her house looks like. Similarly, Chandler Bing (in friends) is sloppy and unruly, like himself. So, I hope to show you got the picture. I try If you wish to experiment with colors and eccentric unusual ideas, go ahead. It’s your house, make it your home.

These seven deadly steps really help gather perspectives about designing your own home. Mind you, it’s no laughing matter. You can save money (by hiring a professional decorator), but you need a lot of time stabbing. So do not put yourself on a lined dead aim with your own design. Let’s take some time, but let it be perfect. If it is not what you wanted, your heart will never. Then it will be a house, not a home. So, enjoy this blessed process. This is where I sign off! Happy designing!

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