Where To Buy A Budget Kitchen

If you are on a tight budget and need a new kitchen there are several options you could consider. Here we look at the pros and cons of each one of them.

Buy from a designer

This first suggestion is our personal favourite and the option we would recommend. However, it is an option that is going to surprise most of our readers. Some of the high-end kitchen design firms, like Kitchens by Prestige, now sell budget options.

The reason this is such a good option is that regardless of the cost of the kitchen they are installed by the kitchen designers experienced installers. These installers will have worked on kitchens that cost tens of thousands of pounds. To do this they have to have an amazing eye for detail and be very good at what they do. This means that if you have your budget kitchen installed by these craftsmen you are bound to get a great result.

We suggest you still look at the other options and compare the cost. However, we found that it was possible to get a budget kitchen, including fitting, that was cheaper than any other option from the best kitchen design firms.

Buy a new kitchen and fit it yourself

Some stores still sell kitchens that you can fit yourself. There is less choice than there used to be, but a DIY kitchen is still an option. However, be careful when costing this option. Factor in the cost of buying tools and extras like silicone. In addition, if you will be missing the chance to work overtime while you fit the kitchen include that cost in your calculations.

Buy a used kitchen and fit it yourself

Sometimes people sell their old kitchens. If you have a small kitchen and the right skills, you can sometimes get a bargain. Naturally, you are getting a kitchen that has been pre-used, but it is an option that can sometimes work out OK.

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