When To Call A Slab Leak Detection Service ?

When To Call A Slab Leak Detection Service

If you smell gas, leave your home immediately without any second thought. Do not light a match, candle or anything else to investigate further. If you can smell the gas, it is in the air and could ignite immediately. You should also not switch on or off any electrical appliance. Under no circumstances switch a light on or off or use a landline or cell phone. This is because even a tiny spark could ignite the gas. Instead, call the gas company from outside your home, perhaps at a neighbor’s where there is no smell of gas. Never ignore the smell of gas, doing so is potentially very dangerous. Fortunately, gas leaks are rare.

Other types of leaks

However, there are other types of leak that you should to be aware of and need to look out for.  Any pipe that runs through or under your home could potentially corrode or be damaged and begin to leak. Within the home, you will often see signs of the leak quite early on. For example if a water pipe is leaking in a wall a damp patch will normally appear. In this situation, all you need to do is to call a plumber who will be able to find and repair the leak.

If a damp patch appears on the floor, you really need an expert in slab leak detection to quickly detect and fix the leak. Without the right equipment, pinpointing a slab leak is problematic, so it is very important that you call a firm of plumbers that specialise in locating and fixing this kind of leak.

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