What Can a Conservatory Do For Your Home?

Since the economic downturn, adding an extension to your home in the shape of a conservatory has become more appealing than ever. The cost of moving, or even building a brick extension, has become prohibitive and homeowners now prefer to stay put and add space to their existing property. A conservatory is a great way to do this, without crippling expense. With bespoke designs and modern and traditional models available, there’s something to suit everyone. Those with older homes can choose a Victorian style design, while those with modern tastes can go for something more up to date. So what are the advantages of adding a conservatory to your home?

Bringing the Outside In

One of the greatest benefits of a conservatory is that it allows you to enjoy your garden all year round, regardless of the weather. Since glass houses were first invented in the 19th century, people have enjoyed growing plants inside their conservatories, which have a warm, conducive atmosphere loved by tender plants. You can also bring delicate plants in to your conservatory to over-winter them. It’s no wonder that conservatory spaces are popular with gardeners.

Adding Value to Your Home

Adding a conservatory can dramatically increase the value of your home. Since you are, in essence, adding another room to your house it is not surprising. But many people value conservatories highly, due to extra light they add to the house on overcast days and the views that they are afforded by being surrounded by glass. By all means discuss it with an estate agent, but there’s no doubt – conservatories add value.

Extra Space

Of course, the main advantage of have a conservatory built is to add extra space to your home. By adding that extra room you can free up other areas in the house. Mums and Dads like having a conservatory so that their children can play in daylight, even if it is raining outside. They make great contained play areas. Older people enjoy the extra warm space in which to relax, while others may use the room to host dinner parties. Everyone will have their own ideas about how to use their new space.


Many people testify to the fact that having a conservatory makes catering for parties and gatherings much easier. Food and drink can be stored inside, but close by and with the doors open wide there is no need for you to keep disappearing off to the kitchen to prepare. Entertaining outside is one of the most popular summer activities in the UK. Even if the heavens open, you’ll have a warm cosy place to retire to without having to shut the garden out entirely.


Conservatories add a little bit of style and elegance to a home. This may historically be linked to the popularity of glass houses and orangeries amongst the upper classes in the Victorian and Edwardian era. Whatever the reason, the prestige has survived and the conservatory is an aspirational home improvement, without doubt.

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