Ways To Sort Out The Kitchen In Your New Home

Ways To Sort Out The Kitchen In Your New Home

When you buy your very first house, it can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. If you’ve moved straight out of your parent’s house, it’s likely you won’t have many practical items, and if you’ve been in rented accommodation, you might just have a few bits and bobs that made it feel more homely. A new house can suddenly seem a very big space to fill, but there’s no need to worry because in time you’ll have everything just the way you like.

My advice would be to start with the most important rooms: bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I’ll focus on the kitchen here, because everyone in the UK knows how vital it is to have an area to make a brew when they’re doing jobs about the house! So here are my pointers for sorting out your kitchen in your new home.

Find Clever Storage Solutions

Where are you going to put everything in your kitchen? It’s a good idea to plan this out before you start chucking stuff in the cupboards! I find that storage solutions make everything much easier, such as organizers for your kitchen drawer and racks for wine or spices. These products are handy as they allow you to find everything you want much more easily, and I also find that they take up less space in cupboards and drawers.

My favorite storage solution is plastic drawers which I’ve put in my kitchen as I don’t have a larder. I keep food in them such as potatoes, onions and garlic as I don’t like the way they clutter my cupboards! Speaking of clutter in the cupboard, I also love using small storage containers for my pasta, cereal, and even dried fruit. These are useful as you can stack them neatly whilst keeping everything nice and fresh.

Think Of Cleanliness

Next, consider how you’re going to keep your kitchen clean and organised. Look at the refuse and recycling schedule for your area and you’ll know how often your rubbish will get collected. This might prompt you to have a number of different tubs, bins or bags in your kitchen that make your life that little bit easier when the lorries come around.

Another way you can approach cleanliness is to have a crockery and cutlery rack on your draining board to use when doing the washing up. This will allow the water to run off to the sink as well as letting everything dry before you put it away. There are a number of different styles available, ranging from wood to metal to plastic. This means that there is sure to be something that suits your price range, as well as the space you actually have on your counter-top.

Find The Important Bits

Lastly, remember to buy or find the important bits from your belongings as it won’t be too long until you want to use them; this might be a kettle, toaster or a health grill. These can simply sit on the counter until you find a permanent home for them in your kitchen.

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