Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Free Of Germs

Keep Your Kitchen Free Of Germs

A clean kitchen is a healthy one. Unfortunately, kitchens which aren’t clean can be notorious for harboring germs. E-coli and other harmful bacteria can be found on counters and floors, with raw meats being one of the biggest ways of these kinds of germs transmitting themselves around the home. In addition to several home advice you are following to keep your home free of germs it is necessary to pay additional attention to your kitchen as well.

If you have young children at home it is especially important to keep your kitchen free of these germs so food can be prepared safely, and touching the counters isn’t going to be dangerous if they then end up putting their hands in the mouths.

So what should you need to do to keep your kitchen free of germs?

Disinfect The Fridge

Food which can be left in the fridge for days or weeks on end is always going to leave germs on the surfaces. You don’t want these harmful bacteria to get on your fresh food, so it’s important that you use a strong anti-bacterial spray to clean your fridge thoroughly on a weekly basis.

Clean Food Preparation Zones

Likewise, any areas where food is prepared need to be cleaned regularly, ideally after each time the counter/chopping board/mat is used or at least once a day to ensure no lingering germs make their way onto them. This is especially important is preparing chicken or meat, fish, eggs and vegetables.

Separate Chopping Boards & Knives

You need to use separate preparation zones and equipment for each different food type. Never use the same chopping board for your chicken and red meat for example, and definitely never mix meats with vegetables or cheeses. The same goes for knives as these can harbour germs just as easily as chopping boards. Always make sure you have completely different items and you won’t run the risk of contaminating your food.

Keep The Floor Clean

You’d be surprised with how much dirt and grime can get onto the floor when preparing and cooking food, so make sure that this is also cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning with a mop and bucket is the best way of doing this thoroughly – use some warm soapy water with disinfectant added to it for the best results.

Get An Automatic Soap Dispenser

Not having to touch the soap dispenser can stop the build-up of germs on the top of the pump after you have prepared raw meat or anything else which can have high-levels of bacteria in them. If you haven’t got an automatic soap dispenser, remember to give your standard pump a regular clean with antibacterial spray along with the rest of the things you need to wipe down after cooking.

Wash Your Fruit And Vegetables

The fruit and veg you buy in a shop will need to be washed before it is eaten as it can contain numerous forms of bacteria and pesticides from the time it was growing on the land. While many supermarkets now offer prewashed items, real fresh fruit and veg, such as those found in a authentic shop or on a market stall are more likely to need extra care before serving alone or within a meal.

By opting above mentioned points you will certainly make your kitchen free of germs.

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