Top 8 Tips for Timeless Home Décor

There are some home décor trends that will never go out of fashion and could be the key to keeping your home looking permanently fresh and modern. Below are some different techniques you can adopt to keep your home trendy for decades.


Less is always more. Crowded, cluttered homes never look welcoming and aren’t enjoyable at all. Choose furniture that’s proportional to the room size and that way it will never look crowded.

Accent Colours

The trendy colour may be different every year but sticking with your favourites won’t serve you badly. Every room needs a splash of colour to make it stand out and accent colours are the best way to achieve a trendy look. Rather than going crazy and buying a sunshine yellow sofa, just accessorise your current one with yellow cushions or throws. Match them up with golden vases, ornaments and more. You can swap them when you get bored of yellow and won’t get sick of that garish sofa.

Function Rules

You may have your eye on a chair which looks fantastic but is it comfortable? Does it serve its purpose? A chair which is no good to sit on is no use for anything. Similarly glass coffee tables and small shelving units – they simply cause more pain than gain. By items for your home that you intend to use not just look at.

Comfort Rules Too

Comfort is as important as function for some of your home décor items. You need to choose items that look good, serve their purpose and also feed good. Spending ten years sitting on a sofa which really isn’t that comfortable will begin to get on your nerves very quickly, even if it looks fantastic.

Choose Quality

Quality is always the choice over quantity for timeless home décor. If you have a large shelving unit this doesn’t mean you have to stuff it completely full and you don’t have to stick a photo on every square inch of your walls. Pick those that are special, items that mean something and say something different and unique about you and your home.

Keep it Natural

Nothing compares to natural light so where you can, embrace it. Choose window coverings that let in as much natural light as possible and where you can’t this is one area where you should invest heavily in high quality lighting as the quality of light really does make or break a room.

Grey Matters

Grey is one of those shades which neutralises any room. It may not be the most exciting but if you incorporate shades of grey into a room you can be sure it won’t date quickly and will retain that timeless feel you’re looking for.

Keep it Hidden

Top organisation is key to a healthy, happy home. This means getting smart with your storage and this can be anything from iron coat hooks to good quality, wooden bookshelves. Storage can be built into your room design and become a key part of it.

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