Tips To Choose Traditional Lighting For Your Home

Traditional lighting is a perfect option for Victorian and Edwardian Homes

Most of us live in period properties in the UK that are either from the Victorian or Edwardian periods and the trend for a lot of people is to decorate their homes using details such as traditional lighting from those periods so that it works well within the period home.

There are all types of traditional lighting to choose from but the popular styles are usually traditional iron lighting. With traditional lighting you can find ranges of lights and lamps for tables, ceiling lights, pendant lights, wall and floor lights as well as sconces, lanterns and chandeliers.

Reasons for choosing traditional lighting over more contemporary lighting

One of the reasons you may choose traditional lighting over more contemporary lighting is the fact that in period homes it is nice to blend your fixtures with the style and period of your home. While contemporary lighting may look great in the shop it often runs the risk of appearing out of place in a Victorian period terrace. In period hones with high ceilings and details such as cornicing and ceiling roses, traditional lighting is more in keeping with the period features and creates a more natural atmosphere. Often traditional lighting is more affordable than the high cost contemporary lighting option available on the market today.

For traditional lighting, where is a good place to shop?

If you are looking for traditional lighting and would like a wide selection to choose from then look no further. There you will find huge ranges of all types and style of lighting, both traditional lighting as well as more contemporary styles all at affordable prices. Visit Avalon Design Lighting to see their comprehensive range of exclusive modern and traditional lighting to fit into any budget.

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