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What Is A Hypocaust?

Hypocaust or heating under the floor is a system that is popularly installed to generate thermal comfort in countries that have cold climatic conditions. The heat is generated through application of the principles of conduction, radiation, and convection, although radiation is the predominant cause of higher room temperatures. The underfloor heating installers perform a sequence of electrical and plumbing works to firmly establish the system under the floor. The thermal sources generate sufficient amount of warmth that is safe and hygienic, but the rooms and gaps in the floor have to be properly insulated to prevent rapid dissipation of heat.

Two Types Of Heating

There are two distinct types of hypocaust systems, and the underfloor heating installers suggest that both of them can be fixed in a prompt and decisive fashion. The indoor heating methods do not require radiators, which is a dust trapping device, and so these systems are ideally suited for those who have respiratory ailments, allergies, and asthma.

  • Wet System

In this low cost option, The top surface of the floor is pulled up and a subfloor is installed with pipes and covered with screed. Water is heated at low temperatures and then pumped through these pipes to distribute the heat in a uniform manner. This system is suitable for ground floor rooms of extensions and new building projects, although upper floors are not off limits either.

  • Electric  System

Mesh mats are rolled out and attach below the floor, and coils are either attached or embedded into them . These coils are then connect up to a thermostat and connected to the mains power supply for generation of sufficient heat. The installation rates are low but the maintenance and operational costs are higher in this option. This type of heating system is recommended by the top underfloor heating installers for smaller rooms or floors with lower surface areas.  

Advantages Of Having An Underfloor System

The customers have to take various factors into consideration and chose the right kind of installation for optimal warmth. The notable criteria include energy efficiency, economy, performance needs, and environmental factors. The scientific researchers and underfloor heating installers emphasise the benefits of these systems in the following terms –

  • The advanced heating procedure reduces energy consumption by 25% to 40% when compared to a convective system.                                                                   
  • There are going to be no cold drafts and the atmosphere in the rooms is clean as oxygen levels are maintained in an efficient manner.
  • The sophisticated technique has been well studied and it guarantees an even and uniform distribution of heat during all seasons.
  • There are no hidden maintenance costs and there is also a programmable controller.
  • The underfloor heating installers set up the system under all kind of floors without increasing the energy bills or undermining the health benefits.


Hypocaust system is an ideal solution for generating uniform and well distributed heat from beneath a room’s floor. The wet and electric systems are located below the room’s ground level by trained underfloor heating installers through plumbing and electrical works. Both systems have their peculiar advantages, and the common benefits include sustained and even heat supply, cleaner rooms without cold draft, and comparative cost advantage over radiator system.

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