When Do You Need A Drainage Company

Since the Victorian era, the drainage and sewer network has undergone a lot of improvements and advancements. It won’t be wrong saying that the country has an extremely effective and efficient sewer network in today’s time. The materials used in the pipes are changed so the pipes can last longer. Yet, no drainage or sewer line is 100% full-proof of blockages, cracks and other drainage problems.

There are several tell-tale signs that indicate a drainage emergency. If you are aware of these warning signs, you can ensure the drainage company sends in their experts at your doorstep in time to fix the problem before it gets worse. Without further ado, let’s discuss various signs that indicate you need to immediately call out a drainage services provider in Maidstone.

The Water Isn’t Running As Fast As Earlier

If you realize the water coming out of your household taps isn’t running as speedily as it was earlier, it could be a sign of blockage in your drainage pipe. If not cleared, this blockage can lead to other drainage problems such as localized flooding, burst pipes or collapsed pipe. So, now you know why it makes more sense to hire the professional drainage company to clear the blockage and restore the optimal flow of water in time.

Water Isn’t Coming From Your Taps!

When you open the tap and sees very little to no water coming from it, it could be a result of burst main line in your area. Or chances are some drain repair work is being performed in your locality and thus the main line is closed for a while. Check the stop valves in your house to ensure they are fully open before you contact a drainage services provider company in Maidstone. Such scenario is more common during winter season as water inside the pipe gets frozen and force the pipe to expand, resulting in a burst pipe.

You Are Seeing Localized Flooding In The House

If you run your tap when the drain is fully clogged, it will result in localized flooding. Water will not go down the drain. Overflowing drains are a common sight in the  during storms and heavy rains. Don’t pour more water into a fully blocked drainage line as this will add more to your problems. Instead call a drainage technician immediately to come to your rescue.

You Have a Burst Pipe

The moment you notice you have a burst pipe, the first action you must take on your own is to turn off the stop valve and switch off the boiler or heater. Now, fully open each tap in your home so the water that is already inside the drainage system can be emptied immediately. Here is when you should call a drainage company to bring back your drainage system in working order again.

Awful Smell Is Coming From Your Drains

Like all other parts of your home, drainage pipe too demand regular cleaning. If not cleaned, debris and build-ups can continue piling up inside the pipe emitting nasty smell over the ground over time. You can also witness stinky drain smell when rodents are caught in the drainage line. Such unpleasant odor can pose a serious health concern for you and other members at home. In such case, it is advisable to call out a drainage services provider Maidstone company at the earliest.

For any kind of drainage emergency, you can contact a reliable and reputed drainage company in the town and get your drainage problem fixed in the most effective, affordable and timely manner.

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  1. There are several signs that indicate a drainage emergency. When you open the tap and little or no water comes out of it, it could be the result of a main line burst in your area. Or it may be that some drain repair work is going on in your area and thus the main line has been blocked for some time. I totally agree with your blog. This can be a big help for me. Thanks for sharing this detailed post.

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