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Architecture Must Move With The Times

Building design has no doubt changed a lot over the years. As new materials and engineering techniques come to the fore, different opportunities present themselves to architects and designers. One of the most interesting developments over recent times has been the emergence of smart glass. This hi-tech resource allows people[…]

Why Choose Solid Oak Furniture?

Oak is one of the most popular and enduring woods to be used for any type of furniture, complimenting almost any surroundings and weathering even the worst fashion storms to ensure such pieces always looks very modern. So what is it about such furniture that makes it such an attractive[…]

How to Design Your Own Home

You know how they say, home is where your heart is? Well, they say the same. These days many families prefer to design their own home, just to make sure that the house is unique and the perfect personification of their personalities. I agree, and have done the same. The[…]