How To Stay Motivated Whilst Spring Cleaning

How To Stay Motivated Whilst Spring Cleaning

It’s normal at the beginning of every new season to have a good clean of the home. Whether it’s in preparation for Christmas, the new year or the start of a summer interior home improvement is must to have a tidy and de-cluttered home makes the homeowners feel much happier and hopeful.

However, the happy feelings can quickly be abandoned in the face of a seemingly endless task. Most spring cleaning jobs are long winded and it can be very easy to lose enthusiasm. However, the job needs to be done so it’s better to find a way around the problem rather than just giving up altogether:

Plan the Task

Planning in advance means knowing what needs to be done and having something to work to. Therefore, making adequate preparations such as using cargo containers Chandler to store items which are likely to be used in the future but aren’t needed immediately means having less to do in the long run and a better chance of success.


Whilst everyone has different tastes in the way they entertain themselves during tasks, it’s a universally acknowledged fact that a task to music seems to take longer. Using faster songs means that the task feels shorter and singing along can distract from the tedium of the task at hand.

Remember the 6 Month Rule

Professional cleaners swear by the 6 month rule which says that if you haven’t used an item for 6 months then you’re unlikely to want it in the short term. This doesn’t mean that you need to throw it away and these items which fall foul of the 6 month rule can be confined to cargo containers Colorado Springs for a time when they will be needed.

Don’t forget the Container

It’s a little pointless having a tidy and season ready home if the storage you’ve used looks like a site of devastation. Therefore, giving storage containers North Charleston a good spring clean at the same time can save much time in the long term.

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