How To Renovate Your Bathroom On The Cheap

In these economically challenging times, many people have a reduced budget to keep their homes looking fresh and stylish. Although the bathroom may be small, it is used every day by the people living in the house and also by visitors, so it is worth spending money and time on keeping it looking good.

Small Changes to Achieve a Significant Impact

If the budget is very low, revamping the bathroom may simply be a question of smartening it up, tackling grubby grouting and finding a storage solution for all those jars and bottles that seem to accumulate. A quick assessment of the room may confirm that a good clean will work wonders. There are cleaning products available to bring the gleam back to grouting between tiles and sealants round the bath or shower tray. If there are painted walls which look a bit tired, then cleaning may help but applying a fresh coat of paint, perhaps in a different colour, will make the room seem fresher.

Because bathrooms are usually small rooms, this shouldn’t be an expensive task. A radiator may benefit from a fresh coat of paint. There are inexpensive rugs that could be added to brighten up a bathroom, while a new blind or curtains can enhance the look of the window. A few new accessories, such as towel rails and soap dishes, can bring style to a neglected room.

Bigger Changes for More of an Impact

Another problem with bathrooms that have been neglected for a while can be the stacks of things that accumulate and don’t have anywhere to go. Toilet rolls bought in bulk may end up on the floor waiting for use, while bottles of shampoo and bath oil sit on the side of the bath. Maybe there is room for a full-length cupboard which will increase the storage capacity. A narrow cupboard with mirrored doors can be ideal to hang above the basin and should keep medicines and toiletries out of view. If there isn’t room for some of the bigger items to be stored, perhaps there is space for a cupboard or shelving on the landing or in a bedroom. It should be possible to find inexpensive bathroom items, such as cupboards and mirrors, in a bathroom sale.

The budget might stretch to something more adventurous. The bathroom suite could be replaced or if there is room a separate shower could be installed. It is worth shopping around for items to find the right style and a good price. There is a huge range of styles of bathroom suites available so this could be an opportunity to revamp the bathroom in a completely new style. An old Victorian suite could be replaced with something up-to-date with sleek lines and complemented by plain walls and floors.

Whatever you decide, spending some time and money on a bathroom can have a significant impact. Then those evenings lazing in the bath with a magazine and a glass of wine will be so much more enjoyable.

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