How To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal Unit

How To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal Unit

Whoever invented the garbage disposal unit deserves an award. A garbage disposal unit is one of those gadgets most people use without really thinking about it. However, the moment it breaks down they miss it.

Most garbage disposal units work hard, so they are bound to break down eventually. It is very important to take garbage disposal serious issue as it have it’s direct impact on individual’s health. Fortunately, you can reduce the number of times they break simply by following some of our simple maintenance and usage tips.

Watch what you put in your disposal unit

When it comes to garbage disposal repair punctual plumbing have a lot of experience, and usually the repair is necessary because someone has mistakenly put something they shouldn’t through the disposal unit. It is vital to check what is in the sink before turning your garbage disposal unit on. You should also avoid putting things like eggshells into your unit.

Regularly cleaning your garbage disposal unit will also keep it in good condition. Putting a cup full of ice through it every occasionally will help to keep the blades sharp, some people add salt as well.

Making sure that you run the unit long enough for everything to pass through the system completely also helps to keep your unit in good working order. It reduces the risk of bad odors, because there are no bits of food sitting in the unit after it has been used. Running the hot tap for 20 seconds after you have turned the unit off also helps to flush any residue through the unit.

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