How Platform Stair Lifts Makes Your Life Easier?

Residential platform stair lifts are available in varied sizes and shapes. Majority of the varieties like the S7 SR inclined platform stair lift is purpose-built specifically to be used in the indoors and the outdoors. These lifts come with social features that are specific to the requirements of the venue or the home. There are two varieties of platform stair lifts and they are namely vertical and inclined. The vertical ones are also known as porch lifts and they can easily be installed either outside or inside the home. They serve as open elevators. Both these varieties are of good use for people especially the ones who have mobility issues. Here, we will try and know how these lifts make the lives of people easier.

Provide Great Freedom

The elderly and the ones with mobility problems are generally faced with the problem of relocating when mobility is a challenge for them. By making use of models like the S7 SR inclined platform stair lift, users can forgo the movement. They can easily enjoy their freedom of using the entire house without any obstacle.


Platform stair lifts make way for mechanical transportation up and down the stairs. The platforms in these lifts feature a seating arrangement that is equipped with a buckle for ensuring that the user is fastened during movement. In addition to this, the majority of these lifts come with inbuilt features that help in preventing operation if by chance the device faces any kind of obstruction while loving up or down the stairs. These inbuilt features also give great safety when the armrest, footrest or the seat are not in perfect positions. They even have lock switches for preventing anyone else from using them and this goes especially for children.

Great Flexibility

Platform stair lifts are designed and structured in a way that they can easily be installed on almost any type of staircase. The users can get these lifts connected to their homes regardless of whether they have straight or curved staircases. The best thing about these lifts is that they can be installed on any side of the stairs as per the aesthetics that the homeowners want in their homes. For ease of movement, there are many manufacturers that offer control features for both right and left-handed people. These lifts also come with remotes for getting from one floor to another.

Practical and Economical Solutions

The installation of a platform stair lift is probably the best alteration that you can make in your home if you live in a two-storey building. This is because it is practical, safe and affordable. Moreover, by installing these lifts, you will actually be saving a huge amount of money that would otherwise get used in availing the services of a senior living facility or in adding another room for the elderly and the immobile in the lower floors.

Varieties like the S7 SR inclined platform stair lift are not very expensive but they are probably one of the best options for all those people who want to live independently in their abodes.

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