Home Decoration Ideas To Make The Best Firepits In Your Backyard

Home Decoration

Firepits are wonderful places to gather around with your friends and families, and for entertaining guests. There aren’t many experiences as comfortable as enjoying a crackling fire while the cold surrounds you and your companions as you wine and share your cheer. 

But not all fireplaces are made equal and some are quite below the mark when it comes to entertaining guests. These simple home decoration ideas will show you how to make your firepit fit to entertain guests and more! 

Match your Basin and Seating  

By matching your fireplace pit or basin with the outdoor chairs you have, not only will you create a visually and tonally cohesive piece, but it also prevents any chances of styles and colors clashing. The focus should be on the fire and company, when you are around the fireplace, not on why one chair is orange, the other three blue, and the fire basin a shade of black.  

Not only should you match colors, but also pay close attention to the visual style of your basin. If your basin is a super modern minimalist design, then perhaps rustic countryside chairs aren’t going to cut it. This isn’t to say that you can’t mix and match, just be aware of what you’re doing when attempting to do so.  

Use Fairy Lights and Other Soft Lighting  

Nothing can create a more intimate nook than having a fire pit surrounded by very strategically and smartly placed lighting. Whether it is fairy lights wrapped around nearby greenery, or just small lanterns or lamps illuminating the rest of the backyard. A cohesive lighting arrangement just provides harmony and a very strong sense of intimacy around your fire pit.  

Use Natural Elements  

Using hedges, rocks and other natural elements is a quick way to elevate the intimate atmosphere and stark look of your fire pit. The naturalistic look can lend itself incredibly well to styles from minimalist to rustic.  

You should consider the visual flow of the fire pit and its surrounding, however. A random rock in the middle of nowhere will not add anything of value to your fire pits striking looks and visual character. 

Having greenery near or around the fire pit is also a way to create some visual contrast that makes the firepit just stand out from its surroundings even more. Be careful to not place them so close that they become a fire hazard, however!  

Keep it to the Side  

By keeping it physically distant from the rest of your backyard, provided you have enough space to do so, keep the atmosphere separate and intact from the rest of the backyard which might be used for other purposes.  

It also keeps a sense of privacy and mystique near your fire pit as well.  

Last Words 

Fire pits are wonderful additions to any backyard and make for a wonderful place to entertain others or to just enjoy a cozy night under the starlight with your loved ones.  You can also decorate inside of you home with popular watercolor  canvas prints from stores like Canvas Art Direct