Four Types of Tradesmen Who Can Help Around Your Home

The spring finally seems to be here; the daffodils are blooming and baby animals are appearing in our meadows and fields. It’s enough to get anyone in the mood for a spring clean and a sort out, and provides us all with an opportunity to get those odd jobs done around the home. As with many things, a decision to do a bit of polishing here or a bit of vacuuming there, can turn into a much bigger job than expected.

These times are ideal to call in the help of those who do these bigger jobs on a day to day basis as their career – these people are tradesmen. There are many types of tradesmen, but as homeowners there are some that we rely on more commonly than others. So what are they? I have the lowdown…


Firstly, a very good contact to make would be a plumber. It’s amazing how essential a plumber can become when something goes wrong in your home such as a burst pipe or a problem with your central heating. If you want a plumber who can handle most of the problems in your home, you should look for a gas safe registered individual as they can help with boiler, gas and radiator issues. My advice would be to look for a plumber ahead of you actually needing one, as an emergency repair can often take away the time you have to consider an individual for the job.

Painter or decorator

The next tradesperson may not be as essential or pressing as a plumber, but a painter or decorator can still be worth their weight in gold. If you’re like me, you might think “it’s only a bedroom, how long can it really take to paint?” – the answer to this can be “a while” if you aren’t skilled at using a paint brush, roller and tape. A painter can take away the hassle of wonky lines, paint bleed, and many of those paint can accidents that novices like me can easily accrue.


Next, we consider how useful electricians can be. When it comes to electrics in the home, this is certainly something you don’t want to mess with if you aren’t qualified for the job. That’s why we seek electricians to help with everything from electric showers to rewiring jobs. Attempting to do these tasks ourselves can be a fatal decision, so it really is important to find a trade person who can do it safely and properly.


At this time of the year, you may be thinking about this type of tradesman more than most – the gardener. Our gardens have been collecting leaves and snow during the autumn and winter, and now they are looking a bit messy with weeds popping up from the earth. If you make a good relationship with a gardener they can be very helpful in keeping your garden looking ship shape throughout the year, and if you find one now they can help you to plant some beautiful flowers for late spring and summer.

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