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Five Tips To Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Warmer

Heating the water in your swimming pool can be expensive, so when the water is warm, you will want to keep it warm for as long as possible. There are pool accessories you can buy that will help retain the heat in your swimming pool, as well as tips that will help. Here is the information you need to help keep your pool heated and your energy bills under control.

Swimming Pool Water Warmer

Buy an Efficient Heater

Swimming pool heaters use different power sources to help heat the water, but electric heaters can make heating your pool very expensive. When buying a pool heater, consider alternative power sources such as solar power, natural gas or a pump heater to keep the water warm and ready for swimming. You can save a significant amount of money by installing a more energy efficient heater.

Keep Trees Trimmed

If you have trees near the pool, trim them so the branches do not hang over the pool and create shady spots. The sun’s heat will help keep the water in your pool warm, but if there are shaded areas, the water temperature will cool in those areas. Keeping the trees trimmed will also keep your pool cleaner, because you won’t have leaves or sticks falling into the water.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Purchase a Solar Blanket

Take advantage of the sun’s heat by covering your pool with a solar blanket. The blanket will help retain heat, so the water in your pool stays warmer and it won’t be affected by rain or cool air. In addition, because the blanket is covering the pool, debris, leaves and insects will not be able to make the water dirty, so you won’t have as much cleaning to do if you cover your pool after every use.

Block the Wind

By installing a timber fence or planting tall hedges around your pool, you can block the wind and keep it from cooling the water. Try to place the wind block on the prevailing winds side of the pool to stop the wind from stealing the heat from the water. A wind block will also help keep nosy neighbours or others from seeing into your yard when the pool is being used.

Block the Wind

Buy Solar Sun Rings

Instead of purchasing a solar blanket, you can buy solar sun rings to place in your pool. They are easier to use than a blanket and they sit on the water, drawing the heat of the sun and using it to keep the water in your pool warmer. If you want to use your pool at night, solar sun rings will be a good option for helping retain more heat in your swimming pool water than other pool accessories.

By using these tips to help retain heat in your pool’s water, it will take less energy to reheat your swimming pool. You will be able to save a significant amount of money over the course of a year and be able to enjoy a warm swimming pool more often.

Buy Solar Sun Rings

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