Five Christmas Present Ideas For New Homeowners

Do you remember when you bought your first home? It was probably a very exciting experience for you, as well as an expensive one! If you now know someone who is in the same position – perhaps your son, daughter or even a family friend, do them a favour this Christmas and buy them something useful. Every person and couple has a preference in terms of colour schemes and necessities, so do a little bit of research and find out what is important to them.

I thought it might be helpful if I gave you a quick refresher on what new homeowners can often need, which is a good place for you to begin when considering Christmas gifts this year…

New white goods

If you are buying for your son or daughter, you might want to spend a bit more cash than you would otherwise. It won’t be the easiest thing to wrap and put under the tree, but a new white good could be exactly what they want for Christmas. Some homeowners take their appliances with them when they move, leaving a gap in the kitchen for a new one. It could also be the case that the existing white good isn’t all that energy efficient and doesn’t do the job very well. If you can’t pay the full amount, consider a gift card with a portion of the budget on it.

Other appliances

There are other appliances that are useful for new homeowners so they can use their space as normally as possible. Think along the lines of a new vacuum cleaner or steam generator iron. These practical presents are much more likely to be used than a bottle of liquor that they don’t actually like drinking!>


If the house they have bought is bigger than the space they were living in before, there is a chance they have some empty spaces that need filling with furniture. Why don’t you take them shopping and offer to pay for something they pick out? That way you won’t buy them something that doesn’t fit in with their theme. Alternatively a gift card can work very well too.

Replacement items

When you’re buying gifts on a budget, you could look at stocking fillers instead. Energy saving light bulbs are always a good idea as it is a nightmare when there aren’t replacements handy on a winter’s evening. The same goes for cleaning cupboard essentials such as cloths, sponges, wipes and sprays. You could also think about a handy house care package including a few tools, tape measure and nails.


Another gift you can buy on a budget is various decorations for the home. You’ll find reasonable prices on picture frames, posters, pillows and pot pourri. All of these things can help to transform a house into a home, giving more character and warmth to the property. For a real personal touch, have something custom made such as a photographic print put onto canvas.

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