Finding The Right Outdoor Pieces For Your Sydney Home

Outdoor furniture items are easily exposed to unforgiving weather elements like rain, snow, strong wind, and dust and dirt. Architectural home builders and experts say that compared to other types of furniture, outdoor furniture items get the most of the beating, especially if you live in an area where it rain, snow, and strong wind are not uncommon. Hence, you should not be surprised if the outdoor furniture you bought for your patio three years ago are showing obvious signs of breakage.

If you are not sure whether or not it is already time to replace your old outdoor furniture pieces, you may want to continue reading as this article will give you tips on how to determine furniture wear and tear. Below are tell-tale signs that you are due to replace your current outdoor furniture, according to respectable architectural home builders.

Discoloration – Outdoor furniture pieces, particularly those made of wooden materials like teak, wicker, and rattan, are prone to discoloration. When you don’t store your furniture and you leave them under the rain, snow, or harsh sunlight, they can easily lose their color. Discoloration is a major sign that the furniture’s quality has already been compromised. Simply put, furniture pieces suffering from discoloration have shorter lifespan and can break anytime soon. If you have discolored furniture items, it would be best to replace them with newer ones.

Cracks and splinters – Cracks and splinters in furniture made of wooden materials are signs of compromised quality. These signs usually appear on furniture items that get the most beating as a result of harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, strong winds, and other elements like even dust and dirt. Aside from being closer to breakage, such furniture items are quite dangerous because users can hurt themselves from splinters. If you see cracks and splinters in your outdoor tables, cushions, or chairs, you may want to consider replacing them as soon as you can.

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Squeaky sound – When you sit on your outdoor chair do you hear that annoying squeaky or crackling sound? If so, then you should change that chair soon. The adhesive or screws used to bind the parts of the chair may have already been compromised. Such chairs can be dangerous to use because they can break anytime. If you are not very thrilled about replacing your chairs that make those weird sound, you may want to have it checked by a carpenter or furniture repair professional so it can be repaired promptly.

Moisture – Certain outdoor design items like cushions and pillows are particularly prone to moisture, especially if you leave them outside. When you use your outdoor cushion and pillow, do you feel that they are moisten? If so, you need to get new ones. You may want to have them washed and dried or buy new ones, this time weather-proof ones. Moisten cushions and pillows can be breeding ground of disease-carrying bacteria and elements, which is why it is important to change them as soon as possible. 

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Outdated style – Do your furniture items scream 1980s? If yes, then you may want to consider buying new ones. Some households in Sydney care less about the style of their outdoor furniture. They think that as long as their furniture pieces are not totally broken, they can continue using them, discounting the aesthetics. If you want to have a more stylish outdoor, then you should consider replacing your old furniture items with new ones. You may want to consult with a home design professional who can help you pick the right furniture set for your home.

If your furniture shows the signs mentioned above, then you might want to invest on newer and more durable furniture pieces.

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