Factors To Consider When Thinking About Carpet Repair

To repair or replace your carpet is often a dilemma for home owners. Although in many cases carpet repair is usually more affordable, in some cases full carpet replacement is the better option.There are a few things to consider when you are thinking about carpet repair and whether or not it is the best choice. These factors include the age and condition of your carpet, the size of the repair and even the type of furniture in your home.

Consider the Age and Condition of Your Carpet

Often the deciding factor of carpet repair vs replacement will be the age and condition off your carpet. If your carpet is brand new and you need a patch or the installation was not the highest quality your best option is usually to repair the carpet. If you have a stain that just will not come out with cleaning then patching is a good choice. For cases where there are lumps or ripples in the carpet, carpet stretching will usually fix the problem.If your carpet is over 15 years and falling apart though, it may be worth your time to invest in a brand new install. Carpet does not last forever and although you may be able to extend old carpet’s lifespan, the better investment may be to just replace all the carpet.

Size of the Carpet Repair

Sometimes the size of a carpet repair can be more expensive than replacing your carpet. Patches are often priced by the amount of seam work needed. If you have a stain or pet damage larger than 12 square feet (or 3×4) it may be more affordable to just replace the carpet in the entire room.Again, the age of carpet plays a role but if your whole house has lumps and ripples replacing old carpet may also be the cheaper option. Keep in mind that installers generally take the quick approach which is not always the best approach when installing carpet. Most professional carpet repair companies use a power stretcher ensuring a long lasting stretch.Take into consideration the size of the damage on your carpet before making a decision on whether to repair or replace your carpet.

Furniture Can Make an Impact

If you have a lot of furniture, it may be better just to replace your carpet. It may seem counter intuitive at first but if there is little to no room to move furniture around a stretch may be impossible without removing furniture.In that case it may make more sense for you to just go ahead and replace your carpet if you are going to make the effort to remove all of the furniture. A good rule of thumb is for the room to be at least 50% empty to perform a stretch. That way furniture can be slid around if a technician needs to get to a specific area.Treadmills and waterbeds make it extremely difficult to stretch carpet with the weight and size. Make sure to consider your furniture when choosing between repairing and replacing your carpet.

There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing what is best for your needs. Carpet repair is often the best choice but not always. Consider your options and evaluate your situation to help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing between carpet repair and carpet replacement.

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