Excavation And Groundwork – How Is The Ground Prepared For Construction?

Preparing the ground is the first and the most important step before construction work begins on any sort of building or structure. The soil needs to be levelled out before foundation slabs are placed in the ground and concrete is poured in. Without proper groundwork, a level foundation cannot be installed in the ground. This can cause serious problems for the structural stability and integrity of the house. Therefore, companies that offer excavation and groundwork services are the first to begin work at any construction site.

Step 1: Excavation

The first step is to excavate the earth and create a foundation. Excavation and groundwork contractors in Kent use heavy machinery to first remove the earth from a specific area and then line it up with concrete. The dirt removed from the soil is loaded into trucks and transported to different locations.

Step 2: Ground Stabilisation

After the excavation work has been completed, the next step is to stabilise the ground before construction work begins. Bricks are laid out around the excavated ground and concrete is poured on the slabs to create a solid foundation. Groundwork contractors determine the size of the foundation depending upon the scale of the project. The foundation runs deeper if it’s a large building with several floors, as compared to a smaller building.

Step 3: Drainage and Ducting

Many groundwork contractors also offer drainage and ducting services. Before the next floors are laid out, the drainage pipes are connected with the main municipal lines for proper drainage. The company will handle all drainage and ducting issues under the ground and create a proper and efficient system for the disposal of wastewater. The whole building will suffer and become unstable unless the groundwork is properly done and the foundation is reinforced.

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