Everything You Need To Know About Survey Control

What exactly is a land survey and why do you need it? In its simplest terms, it is the graphic depiction of land or property. Like a map, a survey outlines legal boundaries and other land features. While land surveys typically aren’t required in transactions of real estate, they can help clear up a lot of confusion and assist with the construction of a new property.

How Are Land Surveys Made

Land surveys are created when surveyors lay out a property’s exact dimensions using your house deed. Your home’s deed should include a detailed description map of your property and its boundaries. Some descriptions can be difficult to make out, especially if the land has changed in anyway. In these cases, a surveyor will physically measure the land.

Reasons to Get a Land Survey

Survey control services are needed in a variety of situations, including the following:

  • To resolve disputes regarding boundaries. On a residential level, it is common for people to call on surveyors when there has been a disagreement regarding a property line. This most commonly occurs when neighbours construct a fence around their property.
  • To pin down plot size and price. Surveyors can also assist with determining the size of property that is being sold or purchased. Some buyers use this as a bargaining tool if they find out that the property is smaller than initially stated.
  • When building a new home. When you are constructing a new home or building, most legislation requires that the land be surveyed. Topographical surveys can help builders determine the best place to build the new structure and establish proper drainage.

What to Look for in a Land Survey

First and foremost, your land survey needs to include your property’s location and boundaries, as well as any land improvements such as fences, trees, paving, or buildings.

Your land survey should also:

  • Identify any property restrictions, building setbacks, or easements that may affect your current or future development use.
  • Include a detailed written description for the home’s deed.
  • Determine whether the home or property is a flood plain. This will require elevation levels in addition to boundaries.

Your surveyor is also responsible with verifying the descriptions of boundaries regarding all properties that are adjacent.

Benefits of Survey Control

Surveyors are a great way to discover the legal boundaries of your property. A land survey can help immensely with your new home build, pinpointing size for property negotiations, or even in neighbourly disputes. Surveyors help you determine the facts about your property, so you can make the best decisions moving forward. If you’re not sure where your property stands, it’s a good idea to get updated deed information.

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