Electric Versus Gas Heating

For the majority of homes, heating is the largest bill. It depends on the area you live in, but if your weather is cooler and you have a lot of snowy days, it can be very expensive. There are several types that you can use which is usually determined on the location. To make it more affordable you have to invest some money which many people can’t do.

We now have new technology that makes electricity bill lower, but when you invest, you have to wait for a long time to make it profitable. A lot of factors matter when you are choosing between gas and electric heating. Maybe your home doesn’t have a gas pipeline nearby or you don’t have many sunny days to make solar panels affordable. Currently, in the future, we will try to use more electric energy because it is cleaner.

Function of both Types

Electric and natural gas heaters have very different running systems that create heat. Combustion process which is more a traditional way is happening in gas-powered units. Every boiler or a furnace has a part where the gas is ignited which is the main source of heat. The way it is transported through the house depends on what type you want. For example, you can use blowers or fans to transport the heat. A very important part is the vents that will direct the gas outdoors and carry fresh air in to redo the method.

More controlled units are using electric energy that is converted into heat. You probably saw that a copper wire turns red if there is a lot of electricity going through it. This will warm the water or air that passes through there. The boiler or furnace is used to heat the house with the water or air heated before. Exhaust system won’t be needed for this type because there isn’t any combustion included.


Maybe one of the biggest disadvantages of natural gas heaters is that they request a gas line going to your home. There is a situation where you can install a tank that will have gas in it which you fill up from time to time. The thing is that the process of making it is complex and expensive. Additionally, natural gas systems need venting to clear combustion byproducts and need to be carefully managed to protect everyone in the house.

There are many studies on electric heating that show it is too inefficient and expensive. On most of the labels, you will see the 100% efficiency. This is very misleading because, at the power plants, they burn coal or gas to make the power needed for your heaters. By doing this, only 30% of energy is used. Read more on this page.

Benefits of these Systems

It’s true that the cost of installing the system is high, but the energy efficiency is very high when it comes to natural gas heaters. When the system is efficient it will reduce water and air pollution and protect the earth from global warming and gas emissions.

When compared to gas, electric heating system doesn’t need a gas line which reduces the installation costs. Another benefit is that it is approachable to the places in the home where other systems can’t reach or are too expensive to install there. They are maybe the easiest and simplest way to provide some heat without some complicated systems that take a lot of time to prepare.

Gas System Cost

Maybe you like the option of having gas heating, but you don’t have a connection to the local distribution network. The connection to them can cost from a few thousand dollars to just a few hundred dollars. Everything depends on the network and how complex is the job that the company needs to work on.

LPG is your only option if you don’t have a gas line near you. It is more complicated if you aren’t the owner of the house because you will need the landlord’s approval to install any gas appliances or connections. Always do your research before deciding and ask a professional for advice. People that live longer in your area should what is the best option.

Electricity Running Cost

Where ever you will, you will be charged by kilowatt-hour of used electric energy. This is measured for every home, and you can see how much you used, but the bill is a little bit larger because you need to pay for transportation to your home. How much you pay for the electric bill depends on the distribution network and the state.

Many people don’t know that they are paying supply charges even if they use more or less power. It is better to find some alternative options to gain energy like from the solar panels, and we can expect that the price in the future will be lower and they will work more efficiently. The cost of heating will always be high if you use electric energy, only states that are rich with gas always use that option instead of electricity.

What Would You Choose?

When you add up everything, electricity is more expensive, so if you are able to connect to the gas line it will be cheaper and a better option if everything is done correctly. But, you need to do a lot of thinking if there is only electricity. Switch to gas if you can afford appliances because you will save money in the long-term.

You should think about how long you will stay in that house and are you looking to expand. If you are, there should be more appliances added which will cost more. If that is the case and you won’t live there for more than 10 years, then electric heating is more beneficial. There are a lot of devices that will lower the bill for a small percentage, but it can help. You can probably invest some money in keeping the heat inside if you are looking for investment in your home.

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