Draping Your Home In A Vibrant Aura

How to decorate your first ever self- owned house,is a question doing its rounds in the mind of many. Confused between the wall paints, curtain designs, floor tiles and goes on the never ending list. Okay! Take a deep breath and just relax. If you really cannot design you should always consult an Interior designer. However, to make things easy for you a little bit of advice, always remember that curtains add up to more than half of the room decoration. Therefore, make the choice of curtains wisely to have a well-lit room the one that has in it a feel good aura.

Why choose Drapery?

Have you heard about draperies? You must have.  For all those who don’t know yet for them, Drapery is basically the kind of curtains that closes the window off the room and are mostly hanging. A curtain is a piece of linen that is meant to be decorative. Now to hung both drapery and curtain one needs the rods. Comes the question how are drapery rods different from curtain rods? Well, well drapery rods are usually made of metal and are often found in silver, bronze or nickel while curtain rods are lighter and are made of even wood and metal. The difference between the two rods is due to the material they hold. Besides, the heavy metal ones these days most houses are opting for is the Acrylic Drapery Hardware.Acrylic is lightweight when compared to metals but at the same time they are long-lasting, durable yet at the same timelight weight and the drapery cloth being heavy weight prevents the room from extreme sunlight, bitter cold often blocking sound keeping the privacy concern intact. Acrylic rods are lightweight and come with detachable hooks making it very convenient to fit it into any household and can be easily taken off in case of any difficulty. It is their flexibility that makes them attractive. Therefore, drapery hardware which basically includes the rods are much in demand with the ever increasing and changing taste of the people.

How to choose draperies

Though homes even now choose curtains but the offices, factories and even some schools choose drapery over curtains. The reason being very simple, drapery rods are more durable compared to the curtain rods as they are designed to hold on heavy fabric material. Drapery hardware make most business in the commercial sector as this sector calls for durability and longevity, drapery hardware perfectly fits in that category. Commercial drapery hardware includes the heavy metals rods and vibrant yet sober colour drapes to give any office or factory or auditorium that classy and grand look. For adding up that extra quotient to your office or room choose your drapery hardware carefully. Your nearest hardware store might be loaded with the latest hardware designs so now you know where to rush and what to choose next time you wish to pamper your house and boast its beauty a bit more. There is nothing like having a properly decorated house to make one self and everyone else feel awesome.

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