Choosing Kitchen Cabinets For A Remodel

When you’re considering remodelling your kitchen, cabinets are typically the first change you want to see. This makes a lot of sense. Cabinetry can be crucial to the success of a kitchen’s style. Additionally, about 60% of a kitchen’s cost can be attributed to cabinetry. So, choosing the best cabinets for the feel you want will be extremely important.

However, even for professional contractors, it can be difficult to recommend a finish that will enhance the look of the space and is appropriate for how the kitchen is used. They may not be well-versed with prices either.

So, what do you do when you need help choosing cabinets? The best thing to do is contact a professional cabinetry firm. Thankfully, cabinet retailers can help kitchen renovations in Perth go smoothly. These professionals are a marvellous resource for homeowners looking for just the right cabinetry and someone who can install it.

Knowing the Details

The first thing that you’ll want to do when considering new cabinets is understand the qualities and performance of several cabinet types. Once you understand those things, look at the price of the different options and the quality of each.

Compare wood or laminate finishes when you’re choosing cabinets. You should also take the time to ask about how the cabinet finish is achieved. High-quality wood cabinet finishes require several steps. The cabinets must go through sanding, sealing, hand-wipe staining, and finish coating.

You’ll also need to be sure that you accurately measure the space available for the cabinetry. Making sure to include the detailed measurements for corner shelving, pot racks, and opening doors will ensure that your kitchen is both beautiful and functional. You’ll need to survey the overall configuration of the room to decide what is the best possible design choice for aesthetic and functional cabinets within your budget.

Think High and Low

When laying out your cabinetry, make the most out of your kitchen’s size and floor plan. Looking at different layouts and decor will help you determine what style will work for your room.

Base cabinets get the most attention and frequently upper cabinets are sacrificed for windows or dramatic backsplashes or to create a living room appeal in the kitchen. The trend now is to install drawers as your base cabinets. Drawers can provide more storage and can be easier to access. Ergonomically, drawers bring their contents to you so that you don’t have to bend over and dig for that one pot or pan that you need.

Hardware accessories such as plate racks can also organise plates, pots, pans, and more.

Ordering Your New Cabinets

Lastly, make sure you order your cabinets correctly. Since cabinetry fits together like a puzzle, ordering can be a crucial step. In fact, if you’re missing or have the wrong base cabinet, the countertop can’t be installed. This can cause serious delays in your kitchen remodel.

For more information about the latest offerings in cabinetry, contact a local retailer. Most will be able to provide you with a catalogue and a quote on your potential project.

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