Boiler Maintenance: What You Should Know

You don’t have to be a boiler expert to learn how to care for one. There are a few things that every homeowner, especially those that have boilers, needs to learn to ensure their boilers stay running smoothly all year long. By keeping your boiler healthy and running, you can save yourself money in the long-run.

Proper Boiler Maintenance

One important thing to remember is that any time your boiler requires servicing, this job should be left up to the professionals, including any replacement services. For boiler replacement in Edinburgh contact There are, however, a few simple things you can do to ensure your boiler keeps running.

Check Heating Year Round

Running a central heating unit regularly is a great way to keep your boiler running in top condition. Even if you don’t necessarily have to heat your house, turn it on every now and again for 10 to 15 minutes to help make sure all the parts are moving right, this will help minimise the potential for breaking.

Regular Boiler Servicing

You will want to arrange regular boiler servicing with professionals to go over all the internal working parts to make sure they are running correctly. Even if there are no problems with your boiler, servicing it regularly will help to make sure it remains in working order.

Major Problems Require Professionals

If you find a problem with your boiler upon checking of it, you will want to call in a professional. Do not try to fix the problems all by yourself.

Maintaining a Boiler in Rental Properties

If you rent your home and have a boiler on site, it is best to speak with your landlord first about the proper maintenance.

  • As a Tenant

When you are a tenant, it is the job of the landlord to keep up with boiler maintenance. By law, they must ensure your boiler is working properly and gets the right servicing at least one time each year.

  • As a Landlord

As a Landlord you are responsible for maintaining your gas appliances in your rental properties. This includes any servicing by professionals yearly, as well as proper check-ins to ensure everything is running accordingly.

Your Boiler and Carbon Monoxide

Keeping up with boiler maintenance can help to prevent any carbon monoxide incidents. These useful tips can help you learn more about carbon monoxide and how it pertains to your boiler.

Carbon Monoxide: What is it?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas you cannot taste, see or even smell, this is what makes it extremely dangerous.

Invest in a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

When you have a boiler it’s a good idea to invest in a carbon monoxide alarm and install it in your home. When the alarm detects any carbon monoxide it will be able to alert you to it right away.

Installing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Installing an alarm is fairly simple. Ensure you place it around one metre away from the boiler. This way if the leak comes from your broiler it will be able to alert you immediately.

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