Best Patio Awnings For Small Gardens

Patio Awning takes the patio and its quality to the next level. Having an awning for a small garden can increase its uses as well as the aesthetic beauty. With the awning; you can have a good shade to sit under while enjoying the beauty and the peacefulness of the place. It also provides an area to develop a green area. It can help experience all the climates and weathers without really going out. Other than this there are many things that can be done if you get an awning.

Best Awning for Small Gardens

There are various types of awnings that can be suitable for a patio. Some of them would be as follows:-

  • Acrylic fibre

This fibre is the most famous fibre for these awnings in the contemporary world. This fibre has good resilience. Unlike other materials, acrylic fibres are dyed while the process of production is going on. Mostly, the production companies of acrylic fibre coat it with a water – repellent layer which doesn’t let the fibre soak any liquid.

  • Metal awning

Awnings made of metal are very durable and strong. They are quite heavy which means that professional help would be needed to safely and properly install it at your patio. A salient factor of metal awnings is that it absorbs a lot of heat and as a result transfers that heat below making the whole cover hot.

  • Polyester fibre

Polyester is a synthetic fibre. It has a great deal of tensile strength. Polyester is UV sensitive though, which makes it not suitable to be used. It is usually used for clothing and should be usually used for small amounts of time outdoors. 

  • Polycarbonate awnings

This is the best material to use on paper. It is the strongest fibre, blocks all the heat and UV rays, it is very durable and the time it takes for wear and tear is a whole lot.

  • Polypropylene fibre

This material is very good for your pocket but it is not very durable. It depreciates quickly under extremely high temperature and UV rays. It also starts fading under UV exposure. Polypropylene is to be used at a place where there is no direct contact with the rays of the sun.

Awnings are a beautiful addition to small and sweet gardens and they are not very expensive as well. This is a really good time to add an awning to your place and take the beauty and usability of the place to the next level. In today’s time, technology can also be used to make awnings. For example, you can make your awnings retractable or control the tint of the awnings or adjust the length and height of the awnings. It would obviously cost a little extra but would be worth it.