Best Interior Design Ideas For The Pet Owners

When you own pets sometimes you have limitations with your interior design choices. For instance it is not easy to have white furniture or hardwood when you and your dogs share the same house . Whether you begin having a dog as your pet or if you have been wondering what your interior design options for you are, there are so many options. You can easily decorate your house in certain ways that will last long that can co-exist with your four legged friends.
Sofas for Dogs and You

Sofas are for you not for your dog. But rather than teaching your dog to stay away from your sofa it is much easier to get a sofa where you and your dog both can use. Back in the day the old sofas were quite difficult to clean. But there are new sofas that are easy clean making things a lot easy for the pet owners. Crypton is almost indestructible synthetic fabric that is not susceptible for stains. Dirt and grime is no problem for a sofa with cyipton fabric. You can clean all of those stains in a breeze. In case you want to go for a less expensive alternative ultra suede microfiber. If you already have a sofa and thinking of a remedy for the one that you own, a sofa cover with “Scotch Guard” is good idea. These covers come in various colours to choose from and the stretch fabric will effectively integrate to the sofa.

Stylish Floors

For the dog owners there is a very limited number of flooring options. Often the carpeting gets dirty and becomes very difficult to clean and hardwood gets scratched. If you feel that your pet needs warmth of a carpet then you can go for carpet tiles. When these tile carpets are joined together it can cover a whole floor area or the area of the size of a rug depending on your requirement. When your pet soils an area you can simply remove the soiled carpet tiles only. This makes the effort of cleaning very simple and time saving. Also you can buy carpet tiles of different colours and form impressive patterns.


When it comes to furniture there are various choices. You do not have to limit yourself for wooden furniture. There are so many different alternatives such as metal and glass. If you prefer to use wooden furniture you can do that too but before you buy them consider the age of your pets. If you are owning puppies at the moment you plan to buy wooden furniture maybe it is not such a good idea. As most puppies love to chew on wood.


Since dogs are like kids, we should make sure they cannot reach things that can be harmful for their health. Place the accessories meant to decorate the house far from the reach of the pets. The pieces that are lower to the floor should be bigger so your pets cannot swallow them. If you antiques or what you inherited from your parents or things that are precious for you better kept out of the reach of your pets than being sorry later. Consider the heights they can reach and plan where to place your valuable household accessories in your living space.

Just because you have a dog you do not have to compromise your taste and creativity. By simply following the above guidelines about Interior Design you can make sure your taste and pets can co-exist making both of your happy.

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