Beautiful Wooden Floors To Lift The Spirits

Wooden floors are wonderful. They bring warmth, sophistication and class to any room.There really is nothing like walking into a room with a floor made from real wood that has been professionally laid. The beauty of the wood shines through. This is especially the case if the floor is dappled with sunshine, natural wood takes on golden tones and the grain is enhanced by natural light.

Textured wooden floors

All wooden floors have a natural beauty, but some are almost works of art. To see what I mean visit This site showcases what can be done when you combine good quality wood with the skills of true artisans. This company offers far more than traditional plank floors.On this site, you can see examples of floors made up of panels or laid in patterns, including the classic parquet layout.

If you have never seen this kind of wooden floor before, you are missing out. When wood is laid in patterns or with designs built into panels,the look and feel of the room is transformed.

This kind of wooden floor has texture and depth. Your eye is not drawn along the planks to the end of the room. Instead, you take in and appreciate the room as a whole.

There is more to parquet than herringbone

dom4Wood is one of the most adaptable natural materials, which is why it is a shame that the majority of parquet floors are still laid out in the traditional diagonal basket weave style. Parquet means ‘wooden floor laid out in geometric patterns’. Fortunately, slowly but surely demand for other patterns is growing and the best firms are now laying natural wood floors in more interesting and varied patterns. Herringbone, double herringbone, brick and chevron layouts look wonderful, and are being used more and more by carpenters and designers.

A wooden floor laid out in an intricate pattern is beautiful. When you look at it, you appreciate the beauty of nature as well as the ingenuity and creativity of man.

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