Battery Operated Security Camera: Protect Your Home, Valuables

We all have something at our home to protect, at least the home alone needs protection. This is also true that most of us have installed security systems of our choice. But, the only security system may not be more enough to provide robust and intact security of home. As the technology advances so do thinking of thieves and intruders. So, as a concerned home owner, we do think a lot of the perfect protections of our home. While going through various online resources, we got plenty of new ideas and tips to keep our home safe against bad elements.

While going through various online websites finding the best security cameras, we came to know that even after installing security cameras made of high-end technology, theft takes places. So, big questions arise that where are loopholes? Yes, we have found some most leaser known facts which we generally ignore when we buy cameras.

First off, most of the security concerned persons think that if they buy branded security cameras, irrelevant to their features and facilities.

Loopholes: No doubt, you may have installed cutting-edge technology inspired security cameras at your home that from the top brands. But, most of them are wired which can be altered. Even if you have installed wireless security cameras, they are operated through an electric power and that too can be broken-in.

Solutions: While going through various research, we came to know about battery powered security camera which needs no wire to get it operated. Just recharge the battery, which can provide one-month battery backup and installed it at your desired place. These battery enabled cameras don’t need an electric outlet to be used.

Types of Battery powered security cameras: Nowadays, if you visit security camera stores, you will get plenty of different types of security cameras in a range of different uses including small models which are used as spy cameras to visible cameras for other uses. If you want buy these security cameras to protect your valuables, then it could be the best choice. However, it’s you who has to take the final call. offers a range of wireless battery operated security cameras which come enabled with 70-days standby battery backup and that can be operated through your home Wi-Fi.

Benefits of installing security cameras: When it comes to benefits, you have plenty to save whether it is the cost of installation, electric power, space, etc. However, the main benefits as we have explained that they can be used without wires, enabling you to put it at your desired location. Even you can hide it angling towards the door so that it can secretly record who is right there inside your home or who is coming towards.

The second but most taunted benefit is that you need not worry about vandals or thieves as every person coming towards your home will catch on camera. Besides, it can be believed upon as thieves or intruders cannot seizure it –thanks to the wireless features.

Last but not the least; battery powered security camera provides remote access through PC, laptop, mobile or tablet. You can access instant footage of live streaming. At the same time, the captured footage can be viewed anytime from anywhere.

In addition, you have various other security features which depend on the operator you choose. offers exciting features including, motion sensor, water and weather proof. They are firm and intact in providing robust security to your valuables. Real time notification is one of the best features which enabled through motion detector. For example, when the camera finds any in human activity, it can send you the footage instantly so that you can alert police or neighbours.

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