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What Things You Can Do For Window Repair And Maintenance

If you are a home owner or landlord then small jobs in your property can mount up quite easily and before you know it a small job turns into a major repair. The cost of maintaining properties can be expensive and it is best to deal with problems as soon[…]

How To Choose Best Quality Splashback For Your Kitchen

Glass kitchen splashbacks are a beautiful addition to any kitchen which are both aesthetically pleasing and brilliantly practical, protecting walls and tiles for home from any splashes.Here at Splash Glass, we specialize in beautiful glass kitchen splashbacks which provide a stylish alternative to standard kitchen splashback choices.

Tips To Choose Traditional Lighting For Your Home

Traditional lighting is a perfect option for Victorian and Edwardian Homes Most of us live in period properties in the UK that are either from the Victorian or Edwardian periods and the trend for a lot of people is to decorate their homes using details such as traditional lighting from[…]