A Guide For Ordering Helium Gas

Helium is one of the most common gases that is widely used today in a range of different applications. Helium is the gas that’s most commonly used for filling up balloons. Because the density of this gas is lighter than air, the balloons tend to rise up into the air. Helium, when inhaled, can also make your voice sound like that of a little kid’s, and it is widely regarded as a very common element in the universe. Because helium isn’t so readily reactive with other elements found on the periodic table, scientists refer to it as one of the noble gases. In its neutral state, helium gas is completely odourless, colourless, and tasteless.

Uses of Helium

Helium is widely used as a source of fuel in light air crafts. You may have heard of helium air balloons, which are widely used for sightseeing. For such balloons, helium is not the only gas that’s used. Hydrogen gas is also used. However, hydrogen on its own is readily combustible, and thus, makes it a bit more volatile. On the other hand, when mixed with helium gas, it becomes much safer for use in these air balloons. Caisson workers also use this gas when carrying out construction work under the water. While diving, many divers often switch between helium and oxygen. The combination of both of these gases is necessary, in order to create the atmosphere that’s needed to survive in high pressure environments deep under the ground.

Helium is also used for a range of different medical observations, and can be used for treating certain conditions like asthma and emphysema, as well as various other ailments that can have a direct impact on a person’s breathing. A number of different respiratory treatments that are used in hospitals today make use of helium. Rather than simply using oxygen, a combination of helium and oxygen is used. That’s because it reaches the lungs in a much quicker manner. Apart from this, helium is also used for welding and magnet production and for the manufacture of larger structures, like ships and air crafts.

Ordering Helium

In Australia, there are a number of different companies through which you can buy a helium cylinder. Before you place an order for helium, it’s important that you consider your requirements. These companies supply gas to medical organisations and institutions as well, so it’s important that you first browse through the company’s offerings before confirming your order. You can check the supplier’s website in order to see all of the different options they have available. Helium is supplied in different cylinders, while you can also order printer balloons as well.

You can compare quotes from different suppliers in order to get a better price, and since helium is generally ordered on a monthly or weekly basis, it’s important that you find a supplier who offers an affordable price. You should do your research carefully before making a decision about where to order the gas from. You can also place a test order to see whether the company delivers on time.

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